# Postfix Admin
# by Mischa Peters
# Copyright (c) 2002 - 2005 High5!
# License Info:

Version 2.1.0 -- 2005/01/07
- Added: Traditional Chinese language. (Thanx Bruce)
- Added: Traditional Bulgarian language. (Thanx Plamen)
- Added: Macedonian language. (Thanx Damjan)
- Added: Estonian language. (Thanx Peeter)
- Added: Slovenian language. (Thanx Nejc)
- Added: Check for update link in footer.
- Added: Additional language strings. Check LANGUAGE.TXT
- Added: Transport support. (read postfix transport for more information)
- Added: Additional language string for transport support.
- Added: MySQL 4.1 support.
- Added: PostgreSQL support. (Big Thanx WhiteFox!)
- Added: Setup Checker script. (Thanx Fenrir)
- Added: Database prefix. (Thanx Decramy)
- Added: Template tags. (Thanx Nelson)
- Added: admin/domain/alias/mailbox in delete dialog box.
- Added: $CONF['postfix_admin_url'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['postfix_admin_path'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['vacation_domain'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['welcome_text'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['special_alias_control'] variable. (Thanx Mihau)
- Added: Virtual Vacation 3.1 (Thanx David)
- Added: ADDITIONS directory with third party scripts and plugins.
- Added: Search function for aliases and mailboxes.
- Changed: Postfix Admin has now it's own license.
- Changed: New menu and color scheme. (Thanx Nelson)
- Changed: Disable number and unlimited number for aliases/mailboxes/quota.
- Changed: Virtual Vacation to have it's own transport. (Big Thanx Npaufler!)
- Changed: Removed the welcome text for a new mailbox from the language files.
- Changed: backup.php to be a more secure. (Thanx John)
- Fixed: Cleaned up stylesheet.
- Fixed: Default quota multiplier.
- Fixed: All POST/GET strings are escaped.
- Fixed: Corrected smtp_mail() to wait for result. (Thanx Patrice)
- Fixed: Pagination with alias_control switched on.
- Fixed: Swedish language. (Thanx Bjorne)
- Fixed: Polish language. (Thanx Piotr)
- Fixed: Minor Virtual Vacation bugs. (Thanx David)
- Fixed: check_quota().
- Fixed: Minor encode_header() issue. (Thanx Matthew)
- Fixed: edit-alias.php when running with magic_quotes_gpc = off

Version 2.0.5 -- 2004/08/21
- Added: Chinese language. (Thanx Matthew)
- Added: Catalan language. (Thanx Jaume)
- Added: Czech language. (Thanx Jakub)
- Added: Dynamic language detection.
- Added: Header in header.tpl to set charset header from language file.
- Added: More subroutines and alias checking for Vacation. (Thanx David)
- Added: Domain pass-through with certain pages.
- Added: Backup MX option for domain.
- Added: Log contains IP address of admin.
- Added: Pagination for alias/mailbox listing.
- Added: 2 additional language strings to support Backup MX.
- Added: Support for motd.txt (Domain Admins only).
- Added: Support for motd-admin.txt (Site Admins only).
- Added: Support for motd-users.txt (Users only).
- Added: Optional hostname for vacation.
- Added: generate_password() to generating random passwords for mailboxes.
- Changed: dk -> da, se -> sv, no-nn -> nn
- Changed: All email addresses are now converted to lowercase, strtolower().
- Changed: Moved onMouseOver to the CSS stylesheet.
- Changed: Moved font color to the CSS styleheet.
- Changed: PHP mail() is replaced by an internal function, smtp_mail().
- Changed: mysql_fetch_array() replaced with internal function db_array().
- Changed: mysql_fetch_assoc() replaced with internal function db_assoc().
- Changed: mysql_fetch_row() replaced with internal function db_row().
- Changed: Quota multiplier is now a configuration option.
- Fixed: Login didn't check for active flag.
- Fixed: Minor html table errors.
- Fixed: Row count by using COUNT(*).
- Fixed: Locked down subdirectories.
- Fixed: Create admin properly populates the domain_admins table.
- Fixed: Cleaned up stylesheet.css.
- Fixed: Delete mailbox properly removes vacation entries.

Version 2.0.4 -- 2004/02/26
- Added: Euskara language. (Thanx Julen)
- Added: Hungarian language. (Thanx Christian)
- Added: Icelandic language. (Thanx Gestur)
- Added: Italian language. (Thanx Stucchi)
- Added: Norwegian - Nynorsk language. (Thanx Paul)
- Added: Polish language. (Thanx Jarek)
- Added: Portuguese - Brazil language. (Thanx Roberto)
- Added: Rusian language. (Thanx Paul)
- Added: Turkish language (Thanx Onuryalazi)
- Added: Encode a string according to RFC 1522 for use in headers if it
contains 8-bit characters. (Thanx Evgeniy)
- Added: One click active change of mailbox/domain/admin. (Thanx Marcin)
- Changed: Header in header.tpl to read charset header from language file.
- Fixed: Some form values are now parsed through htmlspecialchars().
(Thanx Marcin)
- Fixed: admin/delete.php ignored $CONF['vacation'].
- Fixed: More minor fixes to Virtual Vacation.

Version 2.0.3 -- 2004/01/14
- Added: Site Admin email address.
- Added: Danish language. (Thanx Lars)
- Added: Dutch language. (Thanx Mourik)
- Added: Faroese language. (Thanx Danial)
- Added: Finnish language. (Thanx Palo)
- Added: French language. (Thanx Kuthz)
- Added: Swedish language. (Thanx Slite)
- Added: Ignoring of MAILER-DAEMON type emails for Vacation.
- Fixed: Minor issues regarding mail().
- Fixed: Minor issues regarding crypt().
- Fixed: Strip issue of email address for Vacation.

Version 2.0.2 -- 2004/01/06
- Added: German language. (Thanx Tobias)
- Added: Spanish language. (Thanx Alvaro)
- Fixed: The body was not included using sendmail.php.
- Fixed: Undefined variables.
- Fixed: Minor HTML cleanup.

Version 2.0.1 -- 2004/01/04
- Fixed: The language variable caused a problem on some systems.

Version 2.0.0 -- 2004/01/03
- Added: The ability for one domain admin to maintain multiple domains.
- Added: Domain to domain forwarding.
- Added: Mailboxes can now be activated or deactivated.
- Added: Configurable welcome message for new mailboxes.
- Added: Optional sending of welcome message.
- Added: Create alias "To" defaults to current domain.
- Added: Logging of admin / user actions.
- Added: Limit for aliases and/or mailboxes per domain.
- Added: Disable aliases and/or mailboxes per domain.
- Added: Max quota per mailbox per domain.
- Added: Multi-Language support.
- Added: Statistics overview for all domains.
- Added: User .forwarding for mailbox users.
- Added: Logo for Postfix Admin (Thanx Andrew).
- Added: Extra MySQL debugging capabilities.
- Added: Clear text password support.
- Added: PHP crypt() support.
- Changed: Separated logic and SQL from content.
- Changed: doesn't point to anymore.
- Changed: Virtual Vacation no longer requires procmail.
- Changed: Complete re-write.

Version 1.5.4 -- 2003/06/16
- Added: Option for "Back to".
- Added: Option for Vacation module.
- Added: Table declaration for the use of Quota in the INSTALL.TXT.
This requires an additional local delivery agent.
Quotas are not supported by Postfix!
- Changed: The word "View" to "List".

Version 1.5.3 -- 2003/06/06
- Fixed: Even more minor bugs in regards to declaration of variables.
(Thanx Aquilante and Kyle_m)

Version 1.5.2 -- 2003/06/05
- Fixed: Minor bugs in regards to declaration of variables.

Version 1.5.1 -- 2003/06/04
- Added: Optional mailbox per domain directory structure. (Thanx Jim)
- Added: Option to completely control the stored aliases. (Thanx Alex)
- Changed: is renamed to (Thanx Alex)
- Fixed: $PHP_SELF in and my_lib.php. (Thanx Jim)

Version 1.5.0 -- 2003/05/28
- Added: Support for "Back to Main Site"
- Added: as the main configuration file.
- Added: Drop down box for domain selection when adding a new admin.
- Added: Resend of test email to newly created mailbox.
- Added: Mailbox and Aliases count for domainview.
- Added: Change description of domain without deleting the complete
- Added: Change name of mailbox user without deleting the mailbox.
- Added: Expire headers for unnecessary reloads. (Thanx Alex)
- Fixed: Code clean up.
- Fixed: Minor bugs and cosmetic fixes.
- Fixed: Modified check_string() to check numbers and returns false if not
matched. (Thanx btaber)
- Fixed: Correct session handling in login.php (Thanx Yen-Wei Liu)
- Fixed: Correct deletion of RFC822 email addresses. (Thanx Yen-Wei Liu)
- Removed: Completely removed the site_lib.php.
- Removed: my_lib.php from the admin directory.
- Removed: Symlink to index.php.

Version 1.4.0 -- 2003/04/07
- Added: When deleting a domain, all aliases and mailboxes for that domain
are also deleted from the database.
- Added: Add standard aliases for every domain that is created.
These aliases can point to the main "local" administrator.
The aliases are configured in the config.php in the admin directory.
- Changed: The layout of my_lib.php and site_lib.php have been changed.
- Changed: Modifying an alias is now done with TEXTAREA for more
- Fixed: Minor bugs and cosmetic fixes.

Version 1.3.8a -- 2003/03/31
- Fixed: After deletion of a domain it would not return to the correct page.

Version 1.3.8 -- 2003/03/25
- Added: Admin password change. No longer needed to delete and re-enter
the admin user for a specific domain.

Version 1.3.7 -- 2002/12/24
- Initial public release of Postfix Admin.