Postfix Source Code

Postfix was released under the IBM Public License. All Postfix source code is signed with Wietse's PGP key.

Postfix 2.4 stable release

Stable releases do not change except for bugfixes and for portability fixes. New features are tested out in experimental releases (see below).

Stable releases are called "Postfix a.b.c", where a is the major release number, b is the minor release number, and c is the patchlevel.

Source code changes since Postfix Version 2.4.0.

Postfix 2.4 stable release candidate

Release candidates are made available so that people can adopt fixes before a new Postfix stable release comes out. The code may still change as new defects are discovered.

Postfix 2.5 experimental release

New features are tested in experimental releases. They become part of the next official release once the code has not changed for a significant amount of time. Although this code is still subject to change, it runs on all of Wietse's systems so it is production quality.

Experimental releases are called "Postfix a.b-yyyymmdd", where a.b is the next official Postfix release and yyyymmdd is the release date.

Postfix 2.5 non-production release

Non-production releases contain major changes that need to be tested further before they become part of a regular snapshot release.

A non-production release includes all the features and fixes of the regular snapshot of the same or earlier date.

Postfix 2.5-20070531-tls-nonprod is a major update of the TLS support code. It introduces a fingerprint security level (certificate verification by fingerprint instead of PKI) and separates the TLS handshake from certificate verification, so that Postfix can handle certificate problems more intelligently than simply hanging up.

Past stable releases