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Postfix Howtos and FAQs

To have information listed on this page, please send mail to wietse@porcupine.org. The information listed here is maintained by the respective authors. It is listed without formal evaluation, in other words, no implied warranty of any kind.

FAQs Training
  • Guru Labs class GL275 covers Postfix, email theory, DNS, SMTP Auth, STARTTLS, SpamAssassin, POP3/IMAP4 daemons, and Webmail with Squirrelmail.
MS Exchange Integration

The following documents describe how to build the list of valid Exchange recipients for a Postfix 2.x "front end" MTA, so that you don't clog the Postfix mail queue with undeliverable MAILER-DAEMON messages.

  • Running commands on the Exchange server and then copying the result to the Postfix box (by Steve Friedl).
  • Running a PERL-based LDAP client on the Postfix box that queries the Active Directory domain controllers (by Chris Covington).
  • Postfix SASL Authentication and TLS howto by Patrick Koetter.
  • Supplement to Patrick Koetter's document by Adam Shostack.
  • Postfix SASL + TLS + OpenBSD howto by Jeffrey Posluns.
  • Postfix SASL + TLS + FreeBSD howto by Tim Yocum.
  • Postfix SASL Authentication and TLS howto by Patrick Koetter.
  • Cyrus-SASL-2.1.19 + checkpw.c CRYPT PATCH + MySQL-3.23.x + Postfix-2.x howto by Cody Tubbs.
  • Postfix SASL + TLS + OpenBSD howto by Jeffrey Posluns.
  • Postfix SASL + TLS + FreeBSD howto by Tim Yocum.
  • Postfix SASL for Slackware by Henryk Liniowski (Linio).
  • Postfix SMTP Authentication howto by Devin L. Ganger.
  • Cyrus+SASL howto by Haim R. Dimermanas.
  • Postfix+SASL+OpenSSL howto for Solaris 8 by Andy Barclay.
Adding disclaimers
  • Altermime system to alter mime-encoded messages. With Postfix, use this as an external content filter in order to mutilate transit mail.
  • Gentoo mailfiltering gateway guide
  • Filtering spam with Postfix with spf, postgrey and Amavis by Kirk Strauser.
  • How to get Dspam, Postfix, and Procmail to play well together by John Locke.
  • Postfix Anti-UCE Cheat-Sheet by Jim Seymour.
  • My Understanding Of How UCE Actually Works by Meng Wong.
  • Anti-SPAM Gateway Using OpenBSD, Postfix, Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin, Razor and DCC by Scott Vintinner.
  • Postfix UCE/anti-spam guide by Jeffrey Posluns.
  • UCE and other howtos by Ralf Hildebrandt.
  • Header/body junk mail patterns by Jesus Climent.
  • See also the add-on software page for SpamAssassin etc.
POP/IMAP and the kitchen sink
  • Gentoo Virtual Mailhosting System with Postfix Guide
  • MAC OS X howto for using Postfix with the (ugh) UW IMAP server.
  • GNU pop3d howto by Jørgen Thomsen.
  • RedHat 7.1 + Postfix + Courier Maildrop + Courier IMAP howto by Robin Whittle.
  • Cyrus+SASL howto by Haim R. Dimermanas.
  • Postfix+Cyrus+Web-cyradm howto by Luc de Louw.
  • Postfix+LDAP+Courier-IMAP howto by Jeroen Vriesman.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP howto by Phil Pereira.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP howto by Mischa Peters.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP howto by Kirby Menzel and Lucas Peet.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP howto by Keith Matthews and contributors.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP+Maildrop+SpamAssassin howto by Serge Stepanov.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP+Amavis howto by Christoph Haas.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier-IMAP+Amavis howto by Martin List-Petersen.
  • Postfix+MySQL+Courier+SpamAssassin+Clamav+Amavisd-new+SASL+Maildrop+Squirrelmail howto by Genco YILMAZ. Uses the postfixmanager user management tool.
  • Multiple Postfix instances howto by Derrick Webber.
  • RedHat 7.3 laptop howto by Mark Frazer.
  • Postfix Howtos by Ralf Hildebrandt.
  • Postfix Howtos by Matthias Andree.

General Email/System Administration

  • Fixing common DNS problems (bind8nt.meiway.com)
  • Simplifying Mailer Daemons and Associated Tools by Chuck S. Mead, Jr.
  • Configuring large-scale UNIX/Linux servers (www.kegel.com)