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What is Postfix Admin

Postfix Admin is a Web Based Management tool created for Postfix.
It is a PHP based application that handles Postfix Style Virtual Domains and Users that are stored in MySQL.

Postfix Admin supports:
- Virtual Mailboxes / Virtual Aliases / Forwarders.
- Domain to Domain forwarding / Catch-All.
- Vacation (auto-response) for Virtual Mailboxes.
- Quota / Alias & Mailbox limits per domain.
- Backup MX.
- Packaged with over 25 languages... (Thank you all for sending them!)

- Postfix 2.0 or higher.
- Apache 1.3.27 or higher.
- PHP 4.1 or higher.
- MySQL 3.23.xx or higher.

2005/01/07 - Postfix Admin 2.1.0 Released!

After an extensive BETA trial (thank you all for testing!!) we are proud to
announce the next release of Postfix Admin.

Download PostfixAdmin 2.1.0.

New in this release:
- Added: Traditional Chinese language. (Thanx Bruce)
- Added: Traditional Bulgarian language. (Thanx Plamen)
- Added: Macedonian language. (Thanx Damjan)
- Added: Estonian language. (Thanx Peeter)
- Added: Slovenian language. (Thanx Nejc)
- Added: Check for update link in footer.
- Added: Additional language strings. Check LANGUAGE.TXT
- Added: Transport support. (read postfix transport for more information)
- Added: Additional language string for transport support.
- Added: MySQL 4.1 support.
- Added: PostgreSQL support. (Big Thanx WhiteFox!)
- Added: Setup Checker script. (Thanx Fenrir)
- Added: Database prefix. (Thanx Decramy)
- Added: Template tags. (Thanx Nelson)
- Added: admin/domain/alias/mailbox in delete dialog box.
- Added: $CONF['postfix_admin_url'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['postfix_admin_path'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['vacation_domain'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['welcome_text'] variable.
- Added: $CONF['special_alias_control'] variable. (Thanx Mihau)
- Added: Virtual Vacation 3.1 (Thanx David)
- Added: ADDITIONS directory with third party scripts and plugins.
- Added: Search function for aliases and mailboxes.
- Changed: Postfix Admin has now it's own license.
- Changed: New menu and color scheme. (Thanx Nelson)
- Changed: Disable number and unlimited number for aliases/mailboxes/quota.
- Changed: Virtual Vacation to have it's own transport. (Big Thanx Npaufler!)
- Changed: Removed the welcome text for a new mailbox from the language files.
- Changed: backup.php to be a more secure. (Thanx John)
- Fixed: Cleaned up stylesheet.
- Fixed: Default quota multiplier.
- Fixed: All POST/GET strings are escaped.
- Fixed: Corrected smtp_mail() to wait for result. (Thanx Patrice)
- Fixed: Pagination with alias_control switched on.
- Fixed: Swedish language. (Thanx Bjorne)
- Fixed: Polish language. (Thanx Piotr)
- Fixed: Minor Virtual Vacation bugs. (Thanx David)
- Fixed: check_quota().
- Fixed: Minor encode_header() issue. (Thanx Matthew)
- Fixed: edit-alias.php when running with magic_quotes_gpc = off

2004/08/23 - Freshmeat Project

A number of people have requested that we create a Freshmeat project for Postfix Admin.
Here it is

2004/08/21 - Postfix Admin 2.0.5 Released!

Finally it's here! The next release of Postfix Admin.
It has taken its time and hopefully it was worth the wait.

Download PostfixAdmin 2.0.5.

New in this release:
- Added: Chinese language. (Thanx Matthew)
- Added: Catalan language. (Thanx Jaume)
- Added: Czech language. (Thanx Jakub)
- Added: Dynamic language detection.
- Added: Header in header.tpl to set charset header from language file.
- Added: More subroutines and alias checking for Vacation. (Thanx David)
- Added: Domain pass-through with certain pages.
- Added: Backup MX option for domain.
- Added: Log contains IP address of admin.
- Added: Pagination for alias/mailbox listing.
- Added: 2 additional language strings to support Backup MX.
- Added: Support for motd.txt (Domain Admins only).
- Added: Support for motd-admin.txt (Site Admins only).
- Added: Support for motd-users.txt (Users only).
- Added: Optional hostname for vacation.
- Added: generate_password() to generating random passwords for mailboxes.
- Changed: dk -> da, se -> sv, no-nn -> nn
- Changed: All email addresses are now converted to lowercase, strtolower().
- Changed: Moved onMouseOver to the CSS stylesheet.
- Changed: Moved font color to the CSS styleheet.
- Changed: PHP mail() is replaced by an internal function, smtp_mail().
- Changed: mysql_fetch_array() replaced with internal function db_array().
- Changed: mysql_fetch_assoc() replaced with internal function db_assoc().
- Changed: mysql_fetch_row() replaced with internal function db_row().
- Changed: Quota multiplier is now a configuration option.
- Fixed: Login didn't check for active flag.
- Fixed: Minor html table errors.
- Fixed: Row count by using COUNT(*).
- Fixed: Locked down subdirectories.
- Fixed: Create admin properly populates the domain_admins table.
- Fixed: Cleaned up stylesheet.css.
- Fixed: Delete mailbox properly removes vacation entries.